Beach Activities on a Budget

  • Posted on: 5 August 2015
  • By: Kate

Going to the beach on the South Coast is one of the things you just do here. Margate, Southbroom, St Mikes, Uvongo, they’re all right there, ready to welcome you back. But sometimes people avoid going because they are under the impression that to have some fun on the beach requires loads of money. Well that’s just not true and I’m here to share some of my favourite budget beach activities with you.

Kite Flying

Our local beaches are just perfect for kite flying and let’s face it, when the wind starts pumping and no one wants to go to the beach anymore because it’s a tad on the chilly side, I recommend ductaping a hat to your pip, whipping on a wind breaker, grabbing that Hello Kitty Kite and head for the nearest beach! Kites don’t cost much and you should be able to pick up a little plastic kite at any of the supermarkets for around R50.

Sand Castles & Sculptures

Playing in the sand was never so much fun. Use a cheap bucket and spade set (under R100) to make castles, moats, towns and even mountains and valleys. Be super creative and make sand angles, write in the sand and decorate it with bits of whatever shells and rocks the sea spat out that day. Challenge yourself by only using what you find on the beach: stones, pebbles, drift wood, shells and sand. Remember to capture your masterpiece on your camera.


You don’t really need an expensive fishing set to have some fun on the rocks. A little line, hook and sinker will make rock pool fishing quite fun and even educational, as long as someone is around who actually knows which fish are which. Please remember, however that fishing, does require a permit. You can buy these at any of our local post offices. Annual license is about R80.

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunting on the beach can be great fun but may take just a little planning. Plant a set number of “treasures” and mark them clearly on a map. Keep your map small and the treasure area contained, you don’t want everyone wondering off too far. Also make sure that all the “treasures” are accounted for at the end; you don’t want to leave anything behind on the beach.


Geocaching is a very popular activity on the South Coast and our beautiful beaches are some excellent places to find some great caches. Register on and using your smartphone app, find the cashes on your favourite beaches.

Stroll and ID

Walking on the beach is a great way to relieve stress and increase your sense of appreciation for the beautiful environment. Walk with a friend or with your whole family. It’s free and it’s fun. Pass the time listening to the sounds of the beach, waves, birds and wind, or chat and catch up with your walking buddies. See if you can identify different kinds of birds and shore life. See if you can spot the Dassies or buck in the nearby bush. It is recommended that you do not walk on the beaches after dark. Be safe. Be smart.


Most of us have cell phones, the large majority of those have cameras, don’t they? So take some really cool pictures, selfies and beach snaps. Make a collage and share it with your friends

And there you have some really awesome things to do on the beach that really don’t cost that much at all. Having a beach holiday doesn’t have to be expensive, all you need is a bit of imagination.

When you leave our beautiful beaches, take all the pictures you want and the memories to cherish, but leave only your footprints behind.

Winter Beach Activities #1

  • Posted on: 27 July 2015
  • By: Kate

Winter Treasure Hunt: Image via Treasure Hunt: Image via

When most people think of the South Coast, they think of Summer time, beach parties, hot and humid days filled with cool drinks and warm evenings. But the South Coast has so much more to offer, not only in Summer but in Winter as well. (link secret south coast).

Besides all the wonderful things you can do in Winter on the South Coast, going to the beach, even in the cold, is still one of the most awesome things to do; it may take a little prep-work but in the end you and your family will have a great time.

Going to the beach when it is cold has a few excellent advantages; like having the pick of the best spots on the sand, less of the sun block, sunhats and sunglasses and most of all going to the beach in the cold will be a totally different experience, making new memories that are unique and unforgettable. Imagine having all that open space, running with your kids without worrying about kicking up sand on other people? Pure bliss you can almost hear the laughter.

My suggestion for you this Winter, is to go to one of your favourite South Coast beaches for a Winter Picnic. It’s great fun. Build sandcastles, see all sorts of different bird life, and the shells wash up will just look different to what you usually see. Although our sea temperatures are still pretty mild and often great for swimming, we do URGE you to only swim where the lifeguards are on duty and make sure that they know you are in the water.

If you’re going to err on the side of caution and not swim, you can do little treasure hunts along the beach as well.

What to bring to your Winter Beach Picnic

• Plastic-backed picnic blanket (keeps the damp of the sand off you)
• A big towel or beach blanket to put on top
• Picnic food: fruit, baked goods like muffins are great, sandwiches
• Warm drinks in a flask; suggest tea, spiced chai or cocoa.
• Extra clothes. Being at the beach means sometimes getting wet, so dry socks, extra pants, undies, shirt and jersey would be a good idea.
• Beach toys like buckets and spades are great especially when the sand gets really cold for little fingers to dig to make a few moats and sand castles.
• Trash bag to put all your rubbish when you leave. Remember: Leave only your footprints on our beautiful beaches.

And there you have it! Some really fun and unique things to do if you decide to come to our beautiful South Coast in the Winter season!

If you are looking for some excellent holiday accommodation on the KZN South Coast, Realty1 Southbroom can definitely help you out.

Adrenaline Bucket List: KZN South Coast

  • Posted on: 17 June 2015
  • By: Kate

Adrenaline Bucket List: KZN South Coast

So there I was, minding my own bees wax, trawling my Google Plus feed for whatever is going as “news” when I spot this really cool bucket list article about things to do in SA. I note with satisfaction that they include visiting Oribi Gorge but that’s pretty much it. “No.” said I, and with much huffing and puffing, and gnashing of teeth I post a comment of additional suggestions of what to do on the coast. Then Isablez comments back that she’s doing a little trip around the country and wants to know what ELSE she can include on HER bucket list – Challenge Accepted!

So here it is: Kate’s South Coast Adrenaline Bucket List 2015

Oribi Gorge Big Swing
Wild Swing @ Wild 5 Oribi: visit their website Swing @ Wild 5 Oribi: visit their website

The Big Swing is a popular attraction at Oribi. You will find this crazy wild ride at the top of Lehr's Waterfall and is said to be the highest swing in the world165m (55 Storeys). This jump is different to the usual bungee business that instead of attaching the cord to your feet, you are fastened into a full body harness. Whoopeeeeee!

Lake Eland Zip Line
Lake Eland Zip Line: Visit their website Eland Zip Line: Visit their website
Lake Eland Zip Lines is the longest zip line tour in Africa at 4.5km long! The whole zip tour is made up of 14 zip lines starting at the top of the Oribi Gorge. You will be exposed to breathtaking views from over 300m high over the Gorge, to as low as skimming the water of the lake, and a final slide through a tunnel across a river to the end!

Nebo and Produce Wreck Dive Aliwal
Nebo Wreck: Image via Wreck: Image via
Umkomaas is know on the South Coast as being “The Little Drinking Town with a Diving Problem” and besides the usual bla bla bla about Cousteau ranking it one of his top dive sites in the world, (great reef, etc etc), Aliwal Shoal also happens to have two really cool wreck dives: The Produce and The Nebo. You will need to be a fully qualified scuba diver to do this dive and conditions have to be just right to dive it, so its sometimes out of your hands whether you can actually dive it or not. Book with a well known operator in Umkomaas to do this dive. Buzz me if you’re looking for a recommendation.

Protea Banks Shark Dive
Protea Banks Shark Dive: Image via http://www.afridive.comProtea Banks Shark Dive: Image via

Advanced scuba divers only! Dive with Tiger, Bull and Hammerhead Sharks off Shelly Beach! Ripping currents and negative entry, so be prepared. So best you know your stuff on this dive folks! For the Capetonian, I mean, less adventurous divers, there are cages if you must. Lol
Baited dives are also available for Open water qualified scuba divers. (Thanks Paul for that suggestion!)

Aliwal Free-Dive/Swim with Sharks
Swim with Sharks on Aliwal : Image via with Sharks on Aliwal : Image via
Blue Wilderness is, as far as I can tell, the only place in South Africa where you can free swim and snorkel with Sharks. It may be a tad expensive, but these guys at Blue Wilderness are super professional and will share loads of great information about these amazing predators. You will get a boat ride and about an hour or so in the water with the Sharks.

Well there it is. Just for Isobelz who asked so nicely for it! I do hope that you all have a look at the AMAZING thing the South Coast has to offer. If you need help finding fun stuff to do on the coast, just pop me an email and I will see if I can help you out.